Woman Making a List About What She Needs for Her DivorceConsidering divorce? Deciding to end your marriage is a major life change that can leave you feeling sad, apprehensive, or even excited for your future. Regardless of how you feel about this weighty decision, careful planning can help you protect what's yours and lay the foundation for a successful fresh start. Here's what you should know—and do—before filing for an Oklahoma divorce and how South Tulsa-based attorney Diana Cupps can work with you to achieve your objectives.

Oklahoma Divorce: What You Need to Know

Before you can really dive into divorce planning, it's helpful to make sure you meet the state's requirements and understand what a divorce in the Sooner State entails.

  • Residency requirements. At least one spouse must have lived in Oklahoma or been stationed at a military base in the state for at least six months prior to filing for divorce.
  • Grounds for divorce. Though Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state, individuals can seek a fault-based divorce on the following grounds: incompatibility, adultery, fraud, extreme cruelty, impotency, habitual drunkenness, gross negligence, impregnation of the wife by another man, abandonment for one year or longer, imprisonment of a spouse for a felony offense, a period of insanity lasting more than five years, and the issuance of a divorce decree from another state.
  • Asset and debt distribution. Despite equitable distribution laws, some spouses try to take more than their fair share of assets and leave their ex with the lion's share of the debt. Diana can help you stand up, fight back, and get what's yours.
  • Spousal support (alimony). Were you a stay-at-home parent or homemaker during your marriage? Diana the Lawyer will fight for the support you deserve.
  • Custody and visitation. Diana will work to help you maintain your relationship with your children and implement protections if an abusive other parent is a concern.

What You Can Do to Prepare for Divorce

Does the idea of divorce seem daunting? Here are concrete steps you can take to prepare for a brighter future.

Locate Important Documents

Gather documents such as tax returns, titles, insurance policies, passports, immigration paperwork, and health information, as well as any wills, living wills, powers of attorney, or trust documents and store them in a safe place until you can discuss them with a divorce attorney.

Document Assets and Debts

Create a complete list of assets brought into the marriage, items you received as gifts during your marriage, and jointly-owned assets, properties, and debts. A clear picture of debts and assets can assist your attorney in developing a winning strategy.

Plan for Separate Finances and Living Arrangements

Remove enough money from your joint accounts to cover living expenses and attorney fees before a temporary injunction freezes marital assets. Decide where you'll live during and after the divorce, and what you'll need if you're the one to leave the marital home.

Reset Passwords and Keep a Low Online Profile

Change the passwords (and security questions) used to access your phones, computers, tablets, email accounts, online bank accounts, subscription services, and social media profiles. Speaking of social media, avoid posting about your divorce or—better yet—deactivate your profiles until it's finalized.

Communicate in Writing When Possible

Discuss divorce-related issues with your spouse via email or text message, so that you have a written record of all your communications. Don't trust yourself to avoid offensive or insulting language? Let Diana the Lawyer help you draft or review messages to your spouse.

Develop a Healthy Support System

Tell your family and close friends you've decided to divorce and develop a strong support system. Consider joining a support group or going to therapy for help processing the big feelings and major life changes that can come with divorce.

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