A Different Kind of Law Firm

Diana Cupps is not like other lawyers. She joined the Army at 17 to pay for her education, then spent several years working as a nurse before her own messy divorce inspired her to tackle the challenge of law school. Now, she’s committed to helping Oklahoma residents get the respect they deserve.

Diana the Lawyer helps clients with a full range of family law and medical malpractice concerns, including:

  • Divorce. Whether you’re ending your marriage due to concerns over adultery or you’ve simply grown apart over time, Diana will work to ensure you receive your fair share of all marital assets. This may include alimony payments if you were a homemaker or stay-at-home parent during your marriage. 
  • Child custody and visitation. In Oklahoma, child custody decisions are made based on what is in "the best interests of the physical, mental, and moral welfare of the child." Several factors are considered in applying this standard, and Diana will build a case that allows you every possible opportunity to maintain a strong relationship with your son or daughter.
  • Catastrophic injury. Diana spent six years working as an emergency room nurse before opening her law practice—giving her valuable insight into medical malpractice claims for disabling injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or spinal cord injuries.

Are you ready to see how Diana the Lawyer can give you the strength you need to face the future with confidence? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.