I met Diana on the first day of law school and have been an avid fan, (and now a client) ever since. I learned in law school that the law can be complicated and intimidating even for those who have studied it and that a person’s character will show itself. In law, we often find that a person's character is just as important as their knowledge of the law and Diana shines in both.

If someone needs help with the law they need to feel that the person standing up for them cares, and Diana does. Years ago I learned the hard way what it looks and feels like when an attorney takes advantage of a client.

The sense of security you can have in trusting Diana is a relief worth more than I can put a price on. In school, even among our classmates, Diana was admired. How she got to law school tells a lot about the woman you are going to hire, so ask her when you meet her. In class and out, she said what she meant and did what she said and if you crossed a line or she stood for something she would stand by it.  

In all honesty, it was the rare breed of people like her that made law school an honor.  As honest as I can be, I would often utter under my breath, “for the love of God, if I ever have to walk in a courtroom with her, please make sure we are on the same side of the room.” I am glad I am, and you will be as well.

Anthony Agostino