Divorce Text on an Alarm ClockDebating whether to end a marriage can be difficult, but once people decide to divorce, they often want to get the whole thing over and done with as soon as possible. “How long will this take?” is usually one of the first questions prospective clients ask (along with, “How much does divorce cost?”). Unfortunately, there's no easy answer.

Though an Oklahoma divorce can be completed in as few as 10 days in some instances, the length of the process can vary as much as the couples dissolving their unions. No divorce attorney can predict precisely how long your divorce will take to finalize, but having knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive legal counsel can help keep things moving toward a successful resolution. Fortunately, if you're looking for a tenacious, talented, and trustworthy divorce lawyer, you've come to the right firm.

Confident and Capable Divorce Representation

Diana Cupps knows what it's like to desperately want out of an unhappy marriage. Going through her own complicated divorce is what inspired her to go to law school. Now, as Diana the Lawyer, she helps clients throughout Oklahoma navigate divorce and fight for the support, assets, and respect they deserve. That's no surprise. Dedication to service and helping others when they need it the most has been a major theme in Diana's life. Before becoming an attorney, she enjoyed successful careers in the Army and as an emergency room nurse. Like a true Army Veteran, she operates her business with a focus on Core Values like honor, integrity, courage, and respect. Here's what you should know.

Getting a Fast Divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma allows you to finalize a divorce 10 days after filing the petition to dissolve your marriage, provided that you and your spouse have no minor children and can agree on all aspects of the divorce arrangement. That's easier said than done. Essentially, you and your soon-to-be ex have to agree on everything from spousal support (alimony) to property and debt division and everything in between. If this describes your situation, you may be eligible for a fast Oklahoma divorce.

Divorces Involving Children

When a married couple shares minor children, the court typically imposes a 90-day waiting period between the filing of the divorce petition and finalization, even when the spouses agree on the terms of dissolution. This is to give the divorcing spouses an opportunity to attend marriage counseling and work on repairing the relationship, if possible. However, the judge can choose to waive the waiting period if neither spouse objects or the court has “good cause” to doubt that waiting 90 days will result in a resolution of differences. Other grounds for waiving the waiting period include extreme cruelty, abandonment for one year or longer, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment on a felony charge, commitment to a state mental health institution for five years or more, and conviction for a child abuse crime.

Contested Divorce

It should come as no surprise that contested divorces take the longest to finalize. When parties can't agree on the details of the divorce, multiple hearings or even a trial may be required to resolve the matter. The more contentious and complex the relationship, the longer—and more expensive—the divorce. Common points of contention include child custody, support, and visitation; spousal support; and property and debt division.

Our Jenks Divorce Attorney Is Adept at Helping Clients Overcome Obstacles

Diana the Lawyer knows a thing or two about conflict resolution. It's a skill she's honed her entire life—first in the Army, then as an ER nurse, and now as a divorce attorney. She uses her deep knowledge of the law and skills as an adept negotiator to help clients swiftly resolve difficult issues that can cause divorces to drag on for years. Ready to find out what Diana the Lawyer can do for you? Complete the contact form or call 918-605-4826 to schedule an appointment for a confidential consultation at our Jenks office.