Sad Child Holding a Paper Cutout of a FamilyChild custody and other issues involving the children, such as support and visitation, can be significant points of contention in divorce. Unfortunately, both parents can love their children dearly but vehemently disagree on critical matters like who should make important decisions for them and where—and with whom—they should live.

In Oklahoma, when divorcing parents can't come to a reasonable agreement on child custody, the court will step in and do it for them, basing its decisions on what it deems is in “the best interests of the physical, mental, and moral welfare of the child.” That may sound great—after all, what parent doesn't want the best for their child or children? However, you and the State of Oklahoma can have entirely different ideas of what constitutes their best interests.

Working with a skilled divorce attorney when hammering out the details of your divorce agreement can help you reach reasonable decisions regarding your children's care and future before the court feels it's necessary to intervene. Looking for caring, capable, and courageous legal counsel to help you resolve Oklahoma divorce and child custody issues? Look no further.

Divorce Representation Dedicated to Your Child's Best Interests

As a U.S. Army Veteran, former emergency room nurse, mother, and Tulsa-based divorce attorney, Diana Cupps cares about the welfare of children and their families.

Having been through a high-conflict divorce herself, she knows what it's like to worry that you won't have enough time with your children or that the court could make a decision that inadvertently puts them in danger. She went to law school to help others navigate the challenges of divorce. Now, as Diana the Lawyer, she helps clients throughout Oklahoma maintain their relationships with their children, protect them from abuse, and achieve their legal objectives. Here's what you should know about child custody, how custody-related decisions are made, and how Diana the Lawyer can assist you. Worried about the cost of divorce? Diana the Lawyer shares the top 5 tips for saving money when dealing with divorce and custody issues

Types of Custody and Custody Arrangements in Oklahoma

Oftentimes, when people think of child custody, they think of where the child will live. While this is one kind of custody—physical custody—it isn't the only type of child custody that's decided in a divorce. In addition to determining where your children will live and when, you and your spouse, or the court, will also decide who has legal custody: the right to direct the children's activities and make decisions regarding their care and control, education, health, and religion. Child custody arrangements in Oklahoma divorces may include:

  • Sole legal custody, in which only one parent has the authority to make decisions regarding the child's upbringing
  • Joint legal custody, in which both parents have the authority to make decisions about the child's activities, education, and medical care
  • Sole physical custody, where the child lives with one parent and the other may have visitation rights
  • Joint physical custody, where both parents have substantial, but not necessarily equal, time with their child 

Less common custody arrangements include split custody, where some children live with one parent while their siblings live with the other, and “bird nesting,” where the child lives at one parent's home full-time while the other parent has visitation rights.

What the Court Considers When Determining Custody

Judges take many factors into account when making child custody decisions, including the child's needs and each parent's ability (or inability) to meet them. For example, the court will consider:

  • Mental and physical health
  • Past or current domestic violence, child abuse or neglect, dependency on drugs or alcohol, or serious criminal activity
  • Overall stability and ability to provide a safe and healthy home environment
  • Willingness to foster a relationship between the child and their other parent
  • And other factors

Skilled Legal Counsel for Oklahoma Divorce and Child Custody Matters

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